Cabbage White(sides)

Whitesides, dreaming of being able to fly away from his problems. I'm not sure if I prefer the night-time version or the daytime one. ¬_¬ For the "Arthouse Sketchbook" project.

The wings are from the "malachite" butterfly (a real insect), which just so happened to have the perfect colouring to match Whites' colour-scheme.

Character: inks and marker. The wings are extracted from a stock photograph I bought. The background is a stock photo of sky, with a vector-drawn "cityscape". Final manipulations (glow etc) done in Photoshop.

This is the original image, in the sketchbook. The wings are a zebra swallowtail (I think), printed and cut out. The cityscape is off a sort of "scrapbook sellotape", and the words were printed with my handheld Brother printer. I got a little frustrated with how ultra-thin the paper in the book was. It felt like trying to draw on tissue-paper.

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