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Once upon a time, absolutely EVERYTHING I ever wrote (from short stories to longer work and the strangest of rambles) ended up on my website in one form or another, because I'm a magpie who won't throw things away. When I finally realised that a lot of it is now pretty darn old, and doesn't represent my current ability, I've slimmed the place down quite a bit.

...Ergo, there's not much in here, any more.

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I have added some "pinned/sticky" posts to my main blogs with general information on the status of individual stories: depending on your platform of choice, these can be found on Livejournal or Dreamwidth.


What I've dubbed "The Dauntless suite" is currently located on its own subdomain. (Which is currently undergoing a revamp, itself. I haven't worked much on this subdomain since NaNoWriMo 2007.) The "offshoot universe" (Aude Sapere, below), which involves different characters but is set in the same universe and general timeframe, is maintained on this domain.

"Aude Sapere"

     Dare to Know

     "Aude Sapere" stories are set in the same universe as my Dauntless works, but involving a slightly different list of characters. The first sprang initially from my efforts at NaNoWriMo, but since I was rather pleased with the stories at the end, I'm working them into slightly more polished forms.
     NaNoWriMo was a bit of a learning exercise for me - taught me to lock up my inner editor and just write. Having a goal in mind - be it a word count, or just the knowledge people are reading it - seems to have let me get over my dithery, twiddly lack of ability to finish things.

     Each of the following pages will contain details of the story, links to any uploaded versions (usually in blog format), some art, and details of anything planned (e.g. print versions etc.) They run in a roughly chronological order, although the character list changes slightly with each.

     For updates on this series, please visit Aude Sapere on livejournal or dreamwidth.

Thunder Daughter

     (NaNoWriMo 2007)
     Lost and separated on a primitive alien world, Sei and Mirii must somehow survive long enough to meet back up and escape to safety... which is easier said than done when one of you is trapped in a giant bubble city at the bottom of the ocean, and the other has been transformed into a goddess.
     This was my first NaNo, and my first win. I'm gradually editing this into a (self-)publishable format, and it's a slightly "unusual" mixture of genres and concepts - including (a sort of) Steampunk, fantasy and Aztecs.
     First draft complete, editing in progress.

Good as Gold

     (NaNoWriMo 2008 and 2012)
     Managing to escape "the Bubble" and the clutches of Yannis and his thugs has left Sei with an increasing number of enemies, who are determined at all costs to exact their vengeance. When the yacht carrying his wife and brother is destroyed in an explosion, he realises that the only way his family is going to be allowed to live in peace is to track down the perpetrator, (attempt to) bring them to justice, and - if possible - try not to die in the process.
     In progress, but going slowly. I restarted work on this one in 2012.

Adverse Camber

     (NaNoWriMo 2009)
     Tracking the fugitive Firewire all the way from their home planet, Celerity and Slipstream find themselves in the Telluvia system; a heavily populated holiday world for the rich and unprincipled. "Rescued" from the sewers by Nuori-deuchainn laboratories, Celerity finds herself thrust into the unwilling role of "specimen", to pay off her supposed debts.
     It is up to Slipstream - angry and resentful, blaming her for everything that happened - to not only forgive his aunt, and rescue her from Madame Pabishka's talons before the gentle femme is completely redesigned and reprogrammed, but also somehow catch the fleeing criminal and save his sister, too.
     In progress. Still slowly adding bits to this one!

Toccata and Fugue

     (NaNoWriMo 2010)
     Strange things are happening at the District Rift. The broken, seismic ravine has been used by the people of Deixar for countless centuries to define their little district, and seen as nothing more sinister than big crack in the ground. In Surkea towards the North, however, someone has been playing with the branes that divide the multiverse, and... something... has come through...
     Again, in progress. Still slowly adding chapters to this one!

Memento Mori

     (NaNoWriMo 2011)
     Hesger is a world torn apart by a deadly virus - once peaceful and colonised by a variety of species, but now quarantined, the remaining population left stranded, sick and resentful, fighting each other for the few supplies that remain.
     Unable to find a place to comfortably settle, Blink’s nomadic lifestyle has left her frightened and stranded on this broken world, knowing it’s going to take every ounce of her flagging willpower just to keep going, let alone to survive, in a world where she seems destined to be just another commodity to be bought and sold.
     Trying to help, a dying friend gives her a gift – or is it really an unintentional curse? – that might prove to not only be the key to home and safety, but exactly what the whole planet needs... but only if Blink can survive long enough to figure it out.
     First draft complete.

Memento Vivere

     (NaNoWriMo 2013)
     Following on from Memento Mori.
     Currently still in the very early planning stages - thinking about what the plot will involve, where it'll go, etc.

The "Blue" Alternate Universe

This is "CSI:Cybertron". It's a kinda silly fluffy fanfiction, crime drama with Giant Robots from Outer Space. I had fun writing it and it seems to have gone down well with the masses (well, those who've interpreted my cryptic description and read the thing), so go figure. *shrugs*

If people wish to leave comments, all stories are hosted on my"" account (click on the title link to go there). Chapters are also available on my LiveJournal; I've tried to remember to tag them to make them easier to find, but of course they show up "backwards" as the date closest to today is listed first. Lastly, I've uploaded PDF versions of each story for those people who want the entire thing as a single document, or if they prefer to read from printouts, or whatever.

#1     Screaming Blue Murder ( - G1-ish. Sometimes, all you need is the right sort of NUDGE to get enemies to work together - as Starscream's trine discover when embroiled in a police investigation back on Cybertron. But just what IS that Blue stuff, anyway?
     (Complete) on Livejournal (NB: my LJ does not contain the full story. Maybe half to three quarters) - (pdf version) (approx 2.3MB, complete)
     (This all started life as a silly bit of fanfluff that I wanted to write, purely to get it out of my brain. I never thought I'd get up to the fifth or sixth chapter, let alone finish the darn thing, but knowing people were reading it just made me go "HUZZAH!" and go for broke, and I actually got the darn thing finished. (Approx 218,000 words))

#2     Warped ( - it could be said that the Blue debacle had some "interesting" side effects - side effects which cause a ripple effect and leave a certain trine grounded, split up, and scattered across the globe, unable even to contact each other. Add to the mix a vengeful former addict, determined to pay them back for foiling Blue's plans for Deixar, and well... Maybe swallowing one's pride and asking for outside help is the only viable option.
     ...Who'd have ever thought a pair of unplanned sparklings could cause so many problems? (Approx 235,000 words)
     (Complete) on Livejournal - (pdf version) (approx 2.3MB, complete)

#3     Future Tense ( Problems started when Skywarp made the mistake of trying to be brave, leaving him trapped underground after investigating the crash of an alien vessel in Deixar district rift. A fault in his teleport lands him in a strange, unfamiliar version of his home district, unable to work out how he got there - and unable to find his way "home". And the whole time, in the back of his mind, there's the memory of the "dustbunny" that got him into this whole mess in the first place - the small fuzzy beige alien creature that he is convinced jumped ship from the crashed vessel, and has at least something to do with his current situation...
     (Progress has stalled a little, on this one. Of all my "Blue" stories it's the one I'm least happy with the plot for - or rather, I don't really know where the plot is actually GOING - and as a result I have writer's block. As of Jan 2012, once I've finished "Memento Mori" I plan on doing some major plot-surgery and getting it back to something I'm happy with and not struggling to write.)
     (Update 31/01/2013: Now I have the first draft of "Memento Mori" finished, I have resumed work on this story. It's slow going, as I'm working on getting some of the major kinks out of the plot, but once I have my plot sorted, I hope to get back to producing some output!)
     (In progress) on Livejournal - (pdf version) (365KB, incomplete)

     Blue Shorts - bits of fluff. (And that is, shorts set in the Blue AU, not blue-coloured cutoff trousers )

     Poultry Excuses - Skyfire never paid much attention to the rumours that said the self-styled Pride of the Air Force was a chicken - until, of course, a certain set of Twins got involved. (Approx 1700 words of short, weird, cracky, Blue AU, post-Future Tense dream-induced idiocy. I apologise!)

     In Shining Armour - <coming soon someday?> Everyone has their break point, and Whitesides - a small, sad former police constable - seems to have finally located his. But running blind into an unsafe district you're (at best) unfamiliar with, with no friendly faces to rely on to help you out if you get in a bind? Whatever made you think that was a good idea, Whites?
     Luckily, it's not only damsels in distress that attract the attention of knights in shining armour.