The Miscellany

The art and stuff that doesn't fit easily into the other categories.

Other Artforms

   Clock - I wanted a clock to go with the decor in my bedroom, once I'd got a new carpet and repainted. I made this one out of a circular canvas and small "clock mechanism"; the pattern of pebbles is actually a paper napkin. The leaves are mostly punched from green card with a shaped hole-punch, the flowers are fabric, and the numbers are from a selection of adhesive scrapbook lettering sets I have.
Another view. (click image to enlarge)
     Book - I had this made as a "trial run" to see what Blurb printing was like, as I'd heard some mixed reviews about the quality of the printing and binding. It's a copy of the online journal I (sporadically) kept while I was at university, from 2002-2004 (as the image shows). Incidentally, Blurb's quality is just fine - my only problem is that the book itself is a little bigger than I was envisioning; it is exactly the size quoted, at 8x10 inches, but I was imagining it about a third smaller, in my mind's eye, and they don't make a smaller full-colour rectangular product.
(click image to enlarge)
   Diary - I have never really done well with diaries. I keep them for about a week, then forget about them. So, I made a diary that would suit my needs! It's spiral bound and covered in fabric, and printed on slightly heavier paper than normal printer paper. A whole month to each page, with extra pages to record my on-call, annual leave, mandatory training, NaNoWriMo word counts, and addresses. This book goes all the way to December 2015, so I'm optimistic that it works well!
(click image to enlarge)
     Butterfly - This is supposed to be a handbag charm (or similar) hence the little lobster clasp on the top. It's based on the malachite butterfly, which is one of my favourites - technically, the brown and green is the pattern on the underside of the wing, but I like that better. When you pick it up, the wings fold up like on an actual butterfly; I'm not sure if it was intentional. (The instructions on how to make it were in a book, but I didn't follow them too closely. It was probably not intentional, all their examples lay nice and flat.)
(click image to enlarge)

Published works:

Beasts of Yore
The Beasts of Yore Portfolio is a collection of artwork by 12 different artists, depicting many strange, unique and mythical creatures from tales of yore.
My art :: Cockatrice :: Ammut, Great of Death
(Available as a paperback, or ebook.)

the "Anthro Art Anthology"

From the website: "A vivid collection of anthro artwork from all over the world!"
Featuring work from 37 different artists across the world, this is a full-colour, hardcover book, 8.5×11 inches in size, with over 100 pages of artwork.
My art :: In the Octopus' Garden
(Available as a hardbacked book. NB: This was released in Feb 2010, but I don't know if anyone has been paid for their work yet.)

For Sale

     Eventually, will hopefully contain original artwork, etc. At present, yes, it's mostly still just "<working>".
     For information on commissioning/requests, please see the Information tab. (NB: commissions are currently closed)

     <coming soon!> Little packs of adhesive artwork. Each pack will contain approx 10 self-adhesive stickers, give or take - maybe 9, maybe 11, depending on what size/shape is included. Most will be either: round, oval or rectangle, at present.
     Postage and Packing - within the UK, P&P is covered in the purchase price. Outside the UK - an extra £1 should cover it, but please drop me a line first, in case of exceptions.

     I have one or two small shops on CafePress that have my art/images on. I notice that they've rearranged their systems, however, since I did any significant work on my username, and it's no longer possible to have your biography list those shops you own, so...
     Here are a small selection of shops and items.
Windchaser Studio Angelfox Dance of the Rampant Salamander Flowerbaby
Autumn Foxtrot EgyptFox Thunder Daughter Foxes for World Domination
Spot the Maniac Regal Tigress

Got a question?

     You can drop me a line via any of the sites I use - DA, LJ, my blog, FA, ff.net etc. (See "contact" for links)
     Or you can ask here, if you'd rather! You don't need a Formspring account to use it. Just type and send!
     Update 31/01/2013: Evidently, Formspring have changed the way they operate, and you have to have an account to use their service at all - presumably, to avoid spam, although I never had a problem. I'll be removing the "question" box until I have an acceptable alternative that doesn't force you to sign up for a username to use it.