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Commissions (and related) Information

Commission status: closed at present
Trades: closed
Requests: closed

My pricing and terms of service refer to non-commercial, personal artworks only. If you wish to commission me for a piece you intend to sell, eg a piece to go in a book, details must be worked out on an individual basis.

What will you not draw?
     I do not take commissions for explicit pornography, non-explicit fetish art (including but not limited to scat, snuff, "cub" art,) gratuitous violence, or anything depicting hateful or racist imagery.

Terms of Service - <coming soon> if you are thinking of commissioning me, please take the time to read over this short document that outlines my terms of service. This isn't intended to be aggressively prohibitive, but rather to outline what you can expect from the process.

Pricing - <coming soon>

(in)Frequently Asked Questions

The 'Permissions' Bit

Can I save a picture on my hard-disk, or print it out and stick it in a personal folder or on a pinboard or something, to look at later?
     Of course.

Can I use this picture you drew for me as an avatar/icon/banner etc?
     If it was drawn for you, certainly! Any non-commercial use is fine. (All I ask is that you limit any editing to cropping, resizing or adding a title. No major edits, please.)

OK so you didn't draw this for me but it looks like my character, can I use it anyway?
     Well, that depends on what picture it is; please drop me a line first.

I like a particular image, can I just repost it on {insert website/image-board of choice here}?
     Sorry, no. On the whole, I'd prefer that my work isn't reposted.

Can I put it on a tee-shirt? I don't want to sell it, it's just for me.
     I would prefer that you didn't, if only because the images I have uploaded aren't big enough to give a good print quality. (NB: I don't have ALL my old images readily to hand, as I've moved a few times since Uni, however I may be able to produce a reasonable scan for printing.)

I saw some lineart you'd uploaded, can I colour it?
     Please drop me a line. It'll probably be all right, but there's a few images that are more personal to me that I'd rather weren't used for colouring practice.

Can I draw fanart/write/create stuff about your characters?
     If you like. It's nice to think I've inspired someone enough that they'd want to. And please, drop me a line, I'd love to see!
     The one major exception I would like to make to this is regarding pornography; I know Rule 34 exists of everything else, etc etc, but please: I would very much prefer that none of the characters in my little universe were involved in pornographic situations, unless my prior permission has been given in writing.

Do you take requests?
     I'm sorry, but no, I do not take requests at present.

Are you open for commissions/trades? What are your prices?
     Right now, I find my time is already at a premium, and in this case there's the added responsibility of taking someone's money/hard work... So at present, I must say sorry, but no, I am not taking commissions/trades. Perhaps in future!

Can I get prints and stuff of your work anywhere?
     Well, I have a few bits up for sale, but I'm kinda fussy about what things I think are good enough. Drop me a line if there's anything in particular you want.

The 'Other' Bit

How did you learn to draw? Can you teach me?
     I just... practiced a lot. It's probably obvious that I didn't go to art school - I went to university to study pharmacy, and art was my sideline. I'd like to think I've got better as time has gone on.
     There's no magic way of "teaching" a person to be able to draw - you just have to go for it, practice a lot, and be more dedicated at it than me!

Are any of your characters based on real people? That looks like my name, there - did you/can you put me in your story?
     No; none of my characters are based on real people, and I'm sorry but I don't plan on changing that. Too much potential for hurt feelings, there!
     My characters tend to develop depending on the situations I put them in, and sometimes it feels like I have little control over it. They often start as "bit parts" or scene-fillers, who then end up with a bigger role based on circumstances, and develop accordingly.
     Maybe it's an author thing, the way characters develop lives of their own?

Are you a furry? See, I noticed you draw them, so I figured...
     Short answer? No. Slightly longer answer... well, you know, (without getting into the semantics over "what is furry" that furries themselves fight over) the short answer DOES pretty much cover it. I know enough furries to know that it's not something I am.
     To be honest, I don't consider 99% of my art to be "furry" at all, anyway. I mean, I DO like science fiction, and robots and aliens and all that good stuff, I just don't see most of my non-human sapients as "furries" in the same way I don't see Klingons or Trandoshans as furries - they're not "animals with human characteristics", they're... well, people.

What does "Keaalu" mean, then? It's not a "fursona" name?
     In all honesty? It's just some letters I mushed together when I wanted a Hotmail address that looked sort of like a name without needing to put numbers in it. (I later found out it's also the name of a place in Hawai'i.) I've occasionally given "Keaalu" a sort of visual representation, but I always ended up deciding what I drew didn't fit the name, and renaming what I drew as something else; Keaalu is literally just a convenient online "handle".

Copyright information

All works hosted on this site remain property of their respective artists, and are used with permission.

No pieces of writing or art from this website (or any other website on which the art/writing is hosted) may be reposted, printed, or made available for download (in their original form or any derivative manner) without express written permission from the copyright holder, except as detailed in permissions (above). This also includes (but is not limited to) turning work into "tubes" (digital stickers), icon sets, or inclusion on printed materials such as stickers.

Work must also not be reproduced in any commercial form (i.e., you may not use any art on this site for items you intend to sell) unless prior written permission has been obtained. If in doubt, please ask!