Contact and Links

     Thankfully, aside from being a place in Hawaii "Keaalu" isn't the most highly sought-after username. Ergo, if you see someone using the monicker "Keaalu", chances are it's an account I have somewhere. (NB: Not all the accounts I have on various places are actually active - a couple I signed up for to "reserve" my username. Thus, if you find an account in my name that's empty, please don't be too concerned, but please don't try and use it to get in contact because I'm unlikely to reply.)

     Here's a few of the accounts I use quite often; these places are as good as any to use to get in contact:

Blogs and Journals
     As you've probably already noticed, as it's linked above, I have a blog hosted on Blogspot (called "Windchaser", strangely enough...)

     As well as my Blogspot blog, I have a LiveJournal, but this tends to contain my everyday rambley things.

     I have also recently signed up for a Dreamwidth journal - similar to Livejournal.

     Abi on Twitter
     and Tumblr (which again, I don't use MUCH right now; it's mostly work crossposted from my Blogspot. I hope to use it more from now on.)

     I also have a blog for my efforts for the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project 2011. (Would you believe 28594 artists have signed up?? My personal userpage is here)

     My main "art" account was on DeviantART, but I don't really use it a lot, right now - probably because most of my work has been written. ("Cross-browser compatability? What's that?")
     I do have accounts on a couple of other art sites, for instance Side7, StormArtists and ArtSpots, but I update them even more infrequently. If this changes, I'll link to them here, haha.

     My account
     Keaalu on NaNoWriMo

     I have accounts on Lulu and CafePress and Etsy, and so on, but they'll have to wait until I get off my aft and put something there worth linking to them.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011