Tsu and the Eel

Tsu scatters dried fish across the surface of the pool; hopefully, to keep the hungry sacred sun-marked eel from nibbling on her when she next comes past.

Yes, it's technically not an eel, plus this is stylised; the "real" animal (well, real on a fictional world!) is longer and slinkier and more eel-like. Tried to give it a vaguely Egyptian style, to compare with the more Mayan / Aztec influence I gave the other folk.

My first try at this technique; worked fairly well! Drawn in pencil on plain paper, scanned and adjusted digitally to emphasize the linework, then laser printed on papyrus paper (a batch of which I had printed up a while ago) and coloured in markers. I would have drawn directly onto the "papyrus", except it was really hard to see any pencil work on.

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