Some time ago, Sunny Colaneri/Gravewalker gave permission for other people to create "Electronic Aliens", a species of her design. Something about it struck me as fun, and this is what resulted! She's based (very loosely) off a syringe driver, hence all the arrows and bubbles/dots, and the fact she's a nurse/doctor/thing.

Yes, I'm aware the anatomy isn't too great, but I'm way past the point of being able to fix it. Additionally, her eyes should be blank white, according to the species description, but I forgot that bit until I'd already coloured them. *huffs*

I called her "Five" as yes, she's a derivation of Ivy - as in, Ivory -> Ivy -> Vee -> V -> 5

Electronic Aliens are © Sunny Colaneri

Marker and ink on plain sketch paper

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