Art by AlectorFencer (Claudya Schmidt)

Alector has always been one of those people that seems to produce beautiful art in thirty seconds like it was the naturalest thing in the entire world, and often give it away for free. Again, click to see the full-size image.

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Drawn for me for the Oddworld Pics Exchange. And she apologised that it was "a quick sketch", she'd only seen the character once. Well, I wouldn't mind doing "quick sketches" like that...!  
  Another for the Pics Exchange, although I think by now Alector was just using it as a convenient "permission slip" to go mad and draw everyone's characters... This 'version' of Slate was him as an Avatar - Sl'askia has a version on her page, too - although this one was closer to my image, with the 'fins' (which were of hair, not stiff fishlike fins).
I think this was basically drawn purely because I was whingeing I couldn't get Drek to look right, so she doodled this in five minutes. Nyeh.  
  Another of Ren, with his later appearance, looking more doggy. I think she was intending colouring it, but forgot, but I don't mind. I like pencil versions of pics anyway, sometimes you can see a lot of the detail that'd get lost in colouring.
One of the creatures from the Dauntless galaxy; this is an imi, probably an imi'sa. There is a larger image on her devART page.  
  Alector as a Kiravai, another species from the Dauntless galaxy. For technicality's sake, Kiravai don't have hair but feathers, but it doesn't stop the picture being awesomesauce.
NB: The copyright at the side of the image (applied by the artist, not me) refers ONLY to the species; Alector of course retains all copyright to the art itself.

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