Art by Bob Todd

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Description from Anna's FA upload:
"It occurred to me that keaalu is probably the person I've known online the longest and am still in touch with, but I don't think I've ever drawn her any gift art! (I might have done waaay back on the old Oddworld Forums, but I don't remember.) I'll draw you a proper picture at some point; this is just a quick one.

This is a trice hound, a hunting-dog-kinda-thing with bioluminescent bits. This one looks a bit sad. Maybe it's just been told off. I'm not sure what the bodies look like, so I just made something up; I hope it's not horribly off.

(To my shame, I never did manage to design a body for them that I was happy with. I figure that as they're genetic mashups gone wild, though, there's probably huge variety in them anyway. I think it looks ace anyway. )

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