Art by Julian Wilbury

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I think I must be the most annoying commissioner in the world ever. "Ooh I like your art I shall commission... don't know what to ask for waaaah you pick one!" Luckily, I think/hope she knows me well enough not to mind. ¬_¬
Anyway... hrrm, yes. Art!

Iios, doing what he does best: slacking off.

Ivy being all "hmm" about something. (I think she has a clipboard fetish, because she often has one of them when *I* draw her, as well. Mind you, I guess you can't very well give her a cup of coffee to hold, unless she's holding it FOR someone... oh rambleramble.)

"Is EVERYONE here except me just STUPID?"
Icon for use on ElJays; one of my "I don't know, you pick!" commissions. Iios being rather short of patience.

Artist's description:
"What a Curious Notion!
Nother one of them bust commissions, this time for of Mirii, her synth Kiravai, with rather intentional doe-like eyes and confused expression. Isn't that what she looks like 99% of the time? That's how I imagine her looking like most of the time."

(...and that unfortunately IS how this character is, i.e. "innocently clueless", most of the time... oh well. ¬_¬)

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