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     Sorry to any poor folk still stuck on dialup, but it's a bit graphics intensive...
     Both Sl'askia and I used to be regulars on one particular online games forum (although she went by the handle "Dragadon" back then, also) and because we wrote a lot of fiction, we used to borrow characters off each other quite regularly - for fiction, and for art. Yes, she's drawn a lot of mine... but then I reciprocated anyway. (Mind you, I don't think all hers are here anyway... some of the earlier ones are missing. Ah well, I doubt she'll mind... ). I think I've got these running roughly in date order. Most pics are clickable thumbnails, so the text would fit on better. Yay. (Descriptions in italics are her descriptions, my musings are non-italisised.)

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First of all... this odd-looking creature is a Merf. Simply put, back in the mad old days there was a small group of us that used a private forum called "Sweet Refuge From Reality" (naturally shortened to "SRFR"). Because I had a penchant for saying "merf" if I had nothing better to say, I adopted it as my custom title, and it stuck. After being described as a merf, it kinda went on from there... although she's missing one portion of her genetics, here. I think I suggested Rach draw what she thought a merf should look like, and forgot to tell her what went into the triform, only mentioning "fox" and "dragon". There's more, but you can have fun finding that out yourself...  
  Yaknow, I forgot this one even existed... ohwell. Probably only the second slig she drew? Again I forget. *beats brain*
This is Sketh, grown up. Not quite adult, I'm thinking, but bigger than he was when I drew him anyway. (although missing a few feathers...) Sketh seems to be the water baby of the pair, often putting out his sister's fire.  
  This was all her fault. *nods*
Technically, I think this was about the time Aalu (the little blue one) came into being, and I was musing how it was a good job it wasn't Earth, since how would a pair kiss with all them fingers in the way? I mentioned something along those lines, and I think I started some cogs turning.
"Hehe, as you can probably tell, Jai'ana is the trouble maker (Skan is so small because Jai'ana casted a shrink spell on him. Ishtar is a sorceress and both her childern are learning the ways of magic)."
I don't know, these abusive relationships... Skan and Jai paired up, in fic, eventually, although I DID kill him off just after. *innocent*
  Sorry, sometimes a 'cute' pic just screams to be drawn. This is Hak and his son Sketh. It looks like they both wore each other out, hehe."
"Here Jai'ana has 'egged' Drek, who is looking at her a bit annoyed..."
...Poor old oldbies. Don't you think he's suffered enough already?
  Not so much "the Odd Couple" as "the Oddest Couple" - Hak (about 11 foot tall and weighs easily in excess of a tonne) and Ishtar (who is not even five foot tall, and skinny to boot). How they got together is another story altogether... (Uploaded on my LiveJournal somewhere)
Started out as just some silliness in Instant Messenger, as so many of our combined fics seemed to do... Yeah, I think I'll blame it on Rach.
"A Slight Disagreement" - A scene in a fic I was writing that never happened. Guess that was a good thing, considering those two are powerhouses... (20th may 2001)
Yesup, another pic based on a story that changed from its original inception halfway through. The original went somewhat differently, with the two arguing over the character "Neph", although I'm guessing if push came to shove (ha, pun! Okay, it wasn't funny. ) Hak (with his suddenly increased mass) would probably have flattened Spider. Which would not have been a good thing *nups*
  "This one I did so I could get an idea of just how big Hak was. Spider, FYI, is 7 ft tall not including his spines."
At this point in time we were working on the idea of the soldiers being about seven or eight foot. Naturally, OWI put them closer to what, ten foot tall? Which made Hak about eleven, since according to canon he's a foot taller than average. Bah, humbug.
"[We] started plotting again, and [I did] a pic of Malice and Yaaren in a scrap. Didn't turn out too badly if I do say so meself. (5th Sept 2001)"
This was ORIGINALLY the lead in to how Ren lost half his face and canines, although canon changed thereafter - he and Mal would have met up when he was a older and wiser (and warier), and the Gladiator wouldn't have let him get so close to bite like that. But anyway. Yay pic! *clings*
  For the OddPics Exchange. My then-"newest-character", Kov, who was (was? still is) a Polar slig.
Now... eh... don't ask... I think Mal's gone soft on me... *shrugs* In fact... I think we have another 'Hak and Ish' scenerio here... oh boy..."
...and then it all went downhill when the kids came along...
  "Awwww the poor lad is feeling down...come come everyone give him a hug! *hugs!* *runs*"
For the Oddworld Pics Exchange, again. Poor Slate gets picked on a lot, don't he? *pets*
I forget which of the sprogs this is, although I'm inclined to think it's Ebony...? Anyway. Malice looking upon Aura, who be napping. Apparently it was the inking buggered it up, hence the fact her own filename for it is "UGH!" I don't think it looks so bad, but then I'm prejudiced, right?  
  "Mesa think Slate is a bit babyphobic.... *grins and hides her drawing stuff*"
This is from Shrug's fic (look around a bit and you might find it); after Moon restored Shrug to youth, for her "second chance" (Slate is whingeing about why didn't HE get one of them?) the cub tailed Slate about, who decided he didn't like it and kept disposing of it in boxes or on shelves or what have you. I think the oven was the next step, but he didn't get that far.
Slate, avatarised. Another one related to a fic that never got finished... *le sigh* This was when Slate got conned into taking over his father's job by a certain lord of the chaotic realm... ye-es. I think this was part of a sequence of pics she did for a "How I Draw" topic on OWF, although the other pics have vanished into the ether.  
  "one of my random doodles (I swear!). I was fooling around and gave Hak an anthro form... but he looks like a tailless Hunter..."
The "Hunter" in question is "Magar the Hunter", who belongs to another Oddforums associate, DragonAura.
"Hak looking like he is sneaking away from something...most likely an angry Ishtar..."
I think she was trying a new style here... I forget what else she said about it.
  "What more could a guy want? Yes, yes, another Hak and Ish pic."
...and the two sprogs. But ittle. *squints*
"This one is Slate getting a sibling style welcome back home...*grin*"
Related to the fact that Slate is skiving off work on his homeworld by leaving on Dauntless. Naturally, family is pleased to see him back (Given his previous grouchy nature, I have no idea WHY... )
  "My interpetation of the 'feminised' Ren. (Working version) Personally...I like the non-coloured version best myself. On there you can see how I use a different coloured lead to do the structure work first. Pain in the ass to erase though."
This stems from another of those spur-of-the-minute random fics, where a parallel-universe duplicate of Ren-bo got himself feminised. Somewhere around here is my version of this (I think my version pre-dated hers by a day or two... ). Again the story itself just went ...frrrrt... and died.
"I needed pic ideas to draw so I decided to give [these] a go (I needed to work on more mammalian types anyway...). This is the first one, Alopeia, ... a ‘Prime Goddess’. She [was supposed to be a] pure white Vul... but apparently I missed the ‘pure’ part and gave her light coloured points. Oh well, the scanner ate a lot of the subtle colouring anyway. Not a bad first attempt at a Vul though... "
...and the work-in-progress.
  "The second Vul god I finished. Came out really nicely (and the scanner didn’t chew the colours to bits... yay!) though I screwed up on the shading of her right leg (managed to dull the mistake a little using white colouring pencil... but now it looks like she has a brown patch of fur there... d’oh). The way I did her head keeps reminding me of something... like a cartoon or anime I’ve seen... maybe it will come to me..."
"‘Work in progress’ The last of the Vul gods. Can’t really say much at this point as it’s not finished sketch wise. (oh where oh where could I put his bow...). This pic was originally going to be someone else... but the pose ended up suiting this guy better..."
Just before you go looking for the finished pic, this was as far as it got.
  "Work in progress’ Nah this isn’t one of the ‘official’ Vul gods… this one was just for fun and a challenge. (Though I have a sneaky feeling this is just o’ Demonakos fooling around and decided to take a Vullish form... goofy god of Chaos... *squints at it suspiciously*) Drawing near skeletal characters were always hard for me... I think I did ok. Not one of my better colouring attempts... but then again I am not used to working with almost all grey colors… "
"Based on a ‘sort of’ Round Robin we're doing. Came out quite nicely... especially the Vul (though he looks like he is snickering when he should be looking puzzled... kind of anyway). Only probs really is the that the Saurian’s tattoos smudged slightly and this pic keeps screaming ‘I need a background!’ to me (didn’t want to risk ruining the pic by trying to add a background... maybe I’ll put one in when I get my paws on a computer with Photoshop here...)"
Well, the story itself petered out, mostly because it was hard to write anything from my side, as it was dark and my characters didn't know HER characters were there... but anyway. The pic is still nice.

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