"Just in time...!"

"Please, don't put yourself down. You got her here just in time. We'll need to keep her in for monitoring for a little longer, but she should make a good recovery..."

Hopefully, from NaNo2009. (I say "hopefully" because I haven't actually written it yet! It's only July.) This is Wen, recovering from her poisoning. She's not actually grey (although as of time of writing, I'm not sure WHAT colour she is) - I just thought it might make it a little more striking if I limited my palette.

This is a genuine old drug chart from where I work - the old charts had been redesigned and replaced, and all the old-style charts (like this one) Were being sent off to be recycled. I had the idea for this picture some time earlier; it was only when bringing a load of old charts back to the department to be disposed of that I thought it'd be an interesting idea to do it on this instead.

Variety of inks/markers on an unused hospital drug-chart.

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