Well hello there, Sergeant Pepper...
All right, proper biography. This is "Kiven", a character for Daroneasa's "Create a Vorambi" contest. (Technically, it wasn't really an entry, but hrm.)

Kiven is the son of a wealthy socialite mother and workaholic absentee father, although his mother is merely a vague memory to him; she vanished when he was barely a year old. Rumours abounded that she had run off with a more passionate, more devoted male, but the truth is it is more likely she said "yes" to someone she shouldn't and is now either dead at the bottom of a river, or else trapped in a life of hard labour. His father is almost as vague a memory, but rather because he has instead devoted his life to his work, the military.

The loss of his mother meant that Kiven was brought up instead by a long string of nurses, nannies and governesses; home-schooled and with little contact with his peers. He has grown up polite, and chivalvrous, trained in advanced mathematics, current science and sociology, but emotionally... stunted. He knows the right, polite way to treat a female, when it comes to social situations, but when matters turn to emotional matters he clams up and withdraws into himself.

Polychromos on sketch paper

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