...aka "evil rabid plotbadger of doom". Another of my OCs in "Screaming Blue", this is Pulsar, a Policebot/Policedork (depending on who you talk to). For the sake of technicality, she's a gravity-cycle (read: hoverbike) but I'm not good with that fancy-pants machiney stuff, so she's just skinny and annoying, here. Her "ears" are actually her alarm lights, and not only has she got a pretty loud siren, she's not afraid to use it.

Her colours SHOULD be a little more "loud" than this, because I took inspiration for the Police force she's part of from the force in my own area (Suffolk Constabulary), and most vehicles are that wonderfully hideous loud electric blue, fluorescent yellow and white (or silver). But I wussed out last minute, and she ended up annoyingly pastel. OH WELL. Just imagine her with something like this for an Earthly alt, and you're close to the mark... (Although she wants to be slinkier, and I say "NON!", and I'm sure she'd far rather be liek, whoa, Police Lotus if given the opportunity.)

Ink and markers on medium-weight drawing paper

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