Thunder Daughter

Thunder Daughter - Places and Races


     CW-13.4-923 is a small, earthlike planet in imperial territory, close to the disputed border area, to which the kiravai government has not yet assigned an official name - although the colonists call it ia'Maura, or "little sister" because of its similarity to their homeworld, ia'Vei. The natives themselves - a sentient, omnivorous species known as the qii - do not have a name for their planet, simply calling it "home"; the eumin trapped in the bubble at the bottom of the ocean call it Hell.
     The kiravai presence on this world is small, and consists primarily of research scientists. The lack of specific mineral or biological wealth has meant the colony has not attracted any major financial support, as yet.


     The qii are the native species; "qii" is their own word for their species, which the kiravai scientists have since adopted (although they also have given them a longer, scientific name in addition). They appear (at least superficially) to be of herbivorous descent; they have flattish faces with prominent nostrils and leaf-shaped mobile ears, and small, peg-like teeth. They range in height from approx 4-6 feet as adults. Their legs are plantigrade (i.e. they walk with the sole of the foot flat to the ground) although an "extra" joint is present in all the limbs, so visually there is the implication of a digitigrade mode of locomotion. Their skin is mostly hairless, and they lack tails.

     Socially, they are a civilised but not particularly technologically advanced people; for instance, they have not yet discovered electricity, or the internal combustion engine. Most are highly accomplished builders, however, and they have a surprisingly advanced understanding of the heavens, knowing that their world circles a star, although they understand other celestial bodies primarily as the homes of minor deities and monsters. The tribes living on the major coastal plain have a very intricate knowledge of their local plants, and what they can be used for. Ceremony and worship are very important to the average qii, with much time spent on ensuring the local gods and monsters are respected and happy.
     Example: Tsu (the central figure) is a female qii.


     The eumin are a very humanlike species; flat-faced, upright, flat-footed. The primary difference between a eumin and a human is the number of arms; eumin have four upper limbs, and two lower. Their ears are slightly larger than those of a human of equal proportions, pointed at the top outer corner, and quite stiff.
     The eumin present on CW-13.4-923 are descendants of the former colonists, who found the planet a century or so prior to the kiravai laying claim to it. The few eumin who remain on the world live in a "Bubble city" at the bottom of the ocean floor, a few miles down, close to a system of unusually stable volcanic vents or "smokers", which the original engineers used as a source of power. They are what remains of a science colony, prospecting for new minerals and biologicals, which was unexpectedly abandoned by the topside city. Residents do not know the reason for their "abandonment"; it is likely that the newly-arrived kiravai were not aware of the colonists at the bottom of the ocean, and did not remove them at the same time they evicted their peers from the surface.
     The Bubble City is a relatively self-sustaining structure, crafted from a clear alloy strong enough to resist the crushing pressure of two or three miles of seawater. Over the generations - and several generations have been born in the bubble, never having known sunlight - their society has grown quite dystopian. Their livestock died, their technology slowly broke down, and the knowledge to fix it was lost - they now live in a rather strange, steam-powered society, closely allied to the smokers they were studying, eating fish and seaweed, unable to escape.

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