Toccata and Fugue

Toccata and Fugue

About the Story

I need to write a "proper blurb" for this story; to do that, I need to work on the plot, a little.

I'm sure something will come along soon enough.

Here are some pages from my Livejournal with ideas/clutter in. (Warning: Will contain some spoilers!)


Character list - "tocatta_fugue" on livejournal has been renamed, to "toccataandfugue", as the name became available and I was getting quite bothered by the mis-spelt username!

Character list - who will you meet? <coming soon>

Places and Races - where's it all set, what are the species, etc. <coming soon>

Extracts and Previews

"Toccata and Fugue" on LiveJournal. (Again, ever so slightly clunky username ¬_¬. The correct spelling was already taken.)

Sample chapters <coming soon>


Click on the thumbnails for the full versions; some linked here are also in the site gallery, so you may have seen them before. NB: not all art for this project has been uploaded, some is intended to be available only in the print version (although - as ever! - this may change!).


In Print!

Watch this space!

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