Memento Vivere

Memento Vivere

Remember you must live...

Trapped in the wrong body, a self-doubting engineer must find friends among hungry monsters and stop a growing evil before impending war consumes the galaxy.

"Memento Vivere" is the planned sequel to "Memento Mori" - the two stories are opposites, after a fashion, "Remember you must die" versus "remember you must live". Where the first story involved Blink understanding her impossibly-changed sense of mortality and overcoming the obstacles it brought with it, in spite of the knowledge she might die, Memento Vivere deals with remembering to live, when it all looks hopeless and it would be easier to just sit and accept the fate someone else has decided for her.

The "placeholder" image I am currently using is a colour idea provided by Fusion Beads. Each story I write, I have something of a colour palette in my mind that I associate with it, and this one was just perfect. I will of course replace it when I have created something of my own.


23rd January 2013: As usual, I have set up a couple of journal communities to host the individual chapters on as I go. They are mirrored on Dreamwidth and Livejournal; moderated posting, but open membership, so anyone can post if they have a question.

Extracts and Previews

"Memento Vivere" will be available on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal - it should be updated on a semi-regular basis, every time I finish a chapter.

Memento Vivere (part one, draft one) Draft one will be available in PDF form, for those who prefer this format.


Click on the thumbnails for the full versions; some linked here are also in the site gallery, so you may have seen them before. NB: not all art for this project has been uploaded, some is intended to be available only in the print version (although - as ever! - this may change!).


In Print!

Watch this space!

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