Adverse Camber

Adverse Camber

About the Story

"Adverse Camber" is a name I've had in my ideas list for years, and until now never really had a place to use it. It picks up from the end of "Future Tense" (in the Blue AU), although (luckily, since I've not finished that one, d'oh) you don't have to have read that one for it to make sense.

Tracking the fugitive Firewire all the way from their home planet, Celerity and Slipstream find themselves in the Telluvia system; a heavily populated "holiday world" for the rich and unprincipled.


Character list - who will you meet? <coming soon>

Places and Races - where's it all set, what are the species, etc. <coming soon>

Extracts and Previews

Adverse Camber on LiveJournal. (Slightly clunky username, for which I apologise! The ones I wanted were taken.) As ever, will contains the "raw", unedited version, exactly as uploaded during NaNoWriMo.

Sample chapters - to come!


Click on the thumbnails for the full versions; some linked here are also in the site gallery, so you may have seen them before. NB: not all art for this project has been uploaded, some is intended to be available only in the print version (although - as ever! - this may change!).

''Cyberpunked'' - links to gallery    Seem's ''photograph'' of himself and his sister    One of the Denizens - escaped genetic constructs    ''Telluvia'' - links to gallery    ''Just in Time'' - links to gallery               

In Print!

Watch this space!

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