Thunder Daughter

Thunder Daughter

About the Story

Sei and Mirii are on "holiday" - at least, that's the idea, although it's more a plan of Sei's to try and get Mirii to think more for herself. When their Vaneship is hit by lightning over the ocean, however, and they're separated, it becomes far steeper a learning curve than he anticipated!

Sei, too heavy to swim, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where he is rescued by a steam-age society living in a city in a giant bubble on the ocean floor. The people of the bubble have lived cramped lives in their private, manufactured hell for centuries, unable to escape and slowly self-destructing through poverty and a bad fish diet. Sei must somehow find a way out - simultaneously avoiding those who have alternate plans in mind for the "big battery"...

Mirii, meanwhile, is adopted by one of the native tribes; a sophisticated, pre-industrial race with a heavy reliance on pomp and circumstance, and plentiful ritual sacrifice. Seeing their "Thunder Daughter" emerge from the ocean at the start of the new year, painted a rich, glowing gold by the sun after a heavy thunderstorm, they see it as a blessing. Mirii sees it as rather frightening - especially when they finally reveal their plans for her...

Information and updates

Back in August 2007, I (re-)discovered "NaNoWriMo"; I forget exactly what reminded me in the first place, but I decided that this year would be the year I tried it! I'd toyed with the idea before, and first read about it way back in university in about 2001, but never actually went for it.

In a way, I wanted this NaNoWriMo to be a bit of an experiment - lots of random themes and concepts woven together to make something (hopefully) interesting, to avoid writing the same basic story with a few twists all over again. (I don't know how well I succeeded. )

7th December 2007 - the first draft is completed!

3rd May 2013 - I am slowly working on editing this, although progress is quite fragmented as I have to fit it around my real job. I have also converted the old "Thunder Daughter" personal journal on LJ to a community, to make it easier to update. The story is still on there, in its highly clunky old format, for posterity's sake. (The finished article, I hope, will be a lot better, with less gaping plot-holes and terrible dialogue!)

Character list - who will you meet? <coming soon>

Places and Races - where's it set, what are the species, etc.

Extracts and Previews

This is currently undergoing a lot of heavy editing before I self-publish it. The somewhat clunky 2007 first draft is still available on the LiveJournal username where I first uploaded it and a Dreamwidth mirror. (Start at Chapter One on Livejournal or Dreamwidth.)

Sample revised chapters (coming soon)


Click on the thumbnails for the full versions; some linked here are also in the site gallery, so you may have seen them before. NB: not all art for this project has been uploaded, some is intended to be available only in the print version (although this may change!). Some are sensible pictures, scenes, etc, and some are "bloopers", just intended to be a bit of fun!

The approaching storm     ''I love you''     Reluctant Goddess     ''Stick to your cues...!''     Concern     The Earth Swallower     Greeting his daughter     Mirii's dream     ''That is a DEMON!''     Angry Pendu wishes for bad things


In Print!

watch this space...
Book I hope to have two editions available - one with just the story (or perhaps a bit of lineart), and an illustrated edition. The illustrated edition will be colour, containing art created specially for the project. Watch this space for further information!

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